Saturday, April 30, 2011

I was surprised that the Republicans actually had a real vote on Congressman Ryan’s budget. I thought they were just starting off with the extreme and hoping that the Democrats would counter with something less drastic but still containing cuts that they could accept. My thing is that if we are in a crisis why everyone over 55 gets to keep their health benefits the way they are now. I think Congressman Ryan and his friends know older people vote and when older people start preaching about America spending too much and having to cut back they are not talking about anything having to do with them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Friday, June 26, 2009

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Test Post Four

Somewhere along the line I planned on writing about this song because it’s one of my top ten favorites. After the events of yesterday I decided to do it a little early. Before Hurricane Katrina I had a vinyl album collection of somewhere close to 300 LPs. I love playing records. Some of the albums I had came from family members that no longer wanted them. My favorite album to play out of that group was the Destiny album by The Jacksons. I thought it was cool I was playing the same exact album that I did as a child when I used to sneak into the back room and play records. I was also proud of the fact that it was one of the few I didn’t scratch up so it would make it through every song.

That’s What You Get for Being Polite was my favorite song on this album. I’ve become fonder of it as I have gotten older and experienced a few things. It’s a story of a man whose quest for love and fear of being lonely causes him to do things he may not want to do. I can relate to that a little bit. It also describes the pain of a man that doesn’t really know who he is. This was the first album by the group on the Epic label and the first time they were giving creative freedom to write and produce their own songs. This song was written by Michael and Randy Jackson. Michael was 20 years old when he wrote this but giving the way his life was he probably had experienced way too many things that a normal child hadn’t. In my opinion the lyrics to this song represent how he probably lived his entire life.

He was a famous entertainer and there will probably never be another entertainer who will be as big as he was during the Thriller era. I can’t help wondering though if he ever thought how unfair it was that since the age of 5 he didn’t have the opportunity to figure out who he really was without millions of people watching. I think he was trying to tell everybody that all he really wanted was just a chance to find out who he really was but knew there wasn’t a chance of that happening. He disguised it as a love song with lyrics about buying things for girls but the way his life played out fits the tone of this song perfectly.

My name is Clifton Joseph Harris